Millennium International - Warning- Millenium Vacation Group stole my money , ran my credit and mislead me with their bogus mem

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Right at the beginning of December my wife and I visited this place, after 2 hours someone finally came out and decided to acknowledge we were there. Finally we moved into a different room and some guy started talking to us. After an hour and so much pressure we decided to buy their so called " vacation membership club" in wich later on we research and they are a crew of scam artist. Search RSI scams and you'll see what I mean. Furthermore we checked te registered principals and we found this company has just opened in October 2012 and to our surprise their registered main principal was recently arrested. (google busted and put his name Carlos Rodriguez)

After several attempts to get out cruise as a gift incentive wich we never received we decided to go to the office and to our surprise no one was responsible for the "cruise" after they gave me such a run around I decided to post this on here so people are more cautious with scammers like this. In any case we just decided to block our credit card and requested the "membership " to be voided and cancell after comparing with So do yourself a favor DO NOT FALL for this rats.

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Hola, Carlos Rodríguez nos estafó.

Nos llamaron para vendernos unas vacaciones y desaparecieron *** nuestro dinero.

Soy de Argentina y hay muchas familias más estafadas.

Ofrecía Disney + Miami Beach + crucero Bahamas o Cancún + auto + estadía + pases al parque

La empresa se llamaba Millennium International LLC, dirección Miami Beach.

Pero ya no están más.

Se hicieron denuncias durante el 2013 y 2014.

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